Integration Yields Payback in Less than One Year

A large multi-national movie theater chain called upon its energy management provider, Honeywell Multisite, to drive more energy savings and reduce time-consuming work for theater managers. The results exceeded all expectations.

The Results

28% incremental energy savings from Ticketing
System Integration

Saved one man week per site per year by eliminating
manual schedule set up


This theater chain wanted to increase profits by decreasing its energy consumption posts. They knew from past experience that reducing energy use provides good financial results, but they didn’t know how much more savings was possible without affecting a guest’s movie going experience. As a long-time Honeywell Multisite customer in the areas of energy management technologies, services and support across their portfolios of theaters, they knew they could count on Honeywell Multisite to get results.


Honeywell Multisite took a holistic approach to the customer’s cost cutting goals, beginning by analyzing and understanding current operational duties associated with setting up each theater and current consumption patterns.  Armed with this information, Honeywell Multisite was able to develop a strategy that would optimize energy consumption and operations.

With savings of 28% in energy costs and one man week of time per year per site, the theater chain achieved its goals for energy management excellence… and then some.


Installing Honeywell Multisite’s Opus Energy Management and Control Platform opened up new opportunities for savings. Opus not only provides leading energy management capabilities, but also allows for integration with other hardware and software, in this case the theater’s point of sale ticketing system. This integration created opportunities for additional savings. 

Upgrading EMCS Technology 

Honeywell Multisite helped its customer upgrade to the newest technology while leveraging the current individual control infrastructure. Because this installation was replacing a legacy Novar system, the Opus executive slips into the same base as the legacy executive and automatically finds the existing control modules. In addition, meters were added for real-time energy measurement and verification.

Ticketing System Provides the
Schedule and Attendance Data

By integrating the Opus Energy Management and Control platform with the theater’s ticketing system, Opus automatically adjusts the HVAC settings and lighting schedules to match individual screen showing times without manual intervention.

Bottom-line Savings 

Honeywell Multisite helped its customer recover their investment in less than a year and provided a 28% additional energy savings over their standard EMS deployment. The managers for the sites now have one more man week to tend to customer
needs rather than making manual adjustments and the customer experience continues to be world class.

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