REI and Honeywell Multisite Partnership: A Model Energy Partnership for Retail 

Executive Summary:

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) is a national outdoor gear and apparel retailer dedicated to inspiring, educating and outfitting its members and the community for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship. The company is a cooperative and boasts more than 18 million lifetime members and 154 retail stores. REI reported $2.78 billion in revenue for 2018.

In addition to its commitment to help individuals of all ages enjoy nature, REI is implementing innovative business solutions that address its long-term goal to be climate-neutral. The company is a success story of how healthy financial performance and social/environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive, but rather complement each other in a strong business strategy.

As part of this strategy, REI selected Honeywell Multisite, the global leader in multi-site energy management as its energy management system provider. REI further partnered with Honeywell Multisite’s Strategic Services organization to find ways to drive additional, incremental savings and help REI further reduce its energy consumption in the areas of lighting and HVAC, without compromising store comfort and shopping experience for its customers.

REI’s stores are unique in their design. As a result, Honeywell Multisite focused on creating a thoughtful and individualized energy management plan specific to each location, which included:

• Working directly with REI’s various business partners to ensure that the co-op’s equipment and technology respond appropriately to utility alerts 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
• Enhancing REI’s solar power merits by installing a metering system to collect real-time data;
• Remotely troubleshooting and diagnosing facility issues;
• Proactively monitoring energy usage and applying business intelligence tools to report measurable results;
• A Demand Response curtailment strategy that can be aggregated into REI’s overall Demand Response program. 

Today, Honeywell Multisite supports more than 80 REI stores, and the number of stores featuring energy management systems will increase.

The installation of Honeywell Multisite energy management systems has reduced REI’s store energy consumption significantly. Electric consumption has been reduced up to 30 percent, while natural gas goes down by 30-70 percent in a retail location. The incremental annual electric savings are over 2.2 megawatts — enough to power 2,350 homes on an annual basis. Overall, these savings represent an average utility bill reduction of 23.6 percent per store. 

REI and Honeywell Multisite continue to leverage new ideas and initiatives in an effort to reach the co-op’s long-term environmental stewardship goal, which also reap financial benefits.