Client now enjoys building management services, with a single point of contact.

1,350-store national retailer has achieved $3.6 million in savings in 18 months in select sites. The savings momentum continues as Honeywell Multisite has committed to providing corporate-wide service solutions.

The Honeywell Multisite team significantly outperformed two of the nation’s other leading services providers in this retailer’s proof of concept program. Client now enjoys an integrated hardware, software and services package, with a single point of contact.

The Challenge 

A national pet supply retailer with more than 1350 stores across the nation sought a solution for staggering energy costs. With an average store size of 23,000 square feet, this retailer was spending in excess of $79 million annually on electric and gas utilities. 

In today’s business environment finding ways improve same store performance is of the utmost importance. The energy team at this retailer knew they were saving energy with the Novar technology they had been using but they also knew they wanted to do better. 

The team approached the energy experts at Honeywell Multisite and other industry energy management service providers to see how much more value could be squeezed out of the systems. All the industry service providers had a great pitch on how they can drive value but this retail customer wanted to put the teams to the test. They wanted to work with the best performing partner.

The Solution 

Honeywell Multisite was invited to compete with two other leading national service providers in a proof of concept program designed to measure potential energy and cost savings over time. Each service provider was assigned 130 sites and granted access to the retailer’s Opus BAS. The open platform of Opus ensured that no one service provider had an access advantage. 

For six months, the three participating companies controlled energy usage and customer/employee comfort levels; monitored operating systems to ensure that corporate standards were being upheld; and addressed individual store issues as they arose,typically resolving the issue remotely but sometimes dispatching a technician. The goal for each participant was the same: manage their assigned sites’ energy management operations with the goal of maximizing their efficiency.

The Results 

At the end of the six-month proof of concept period, a third- party energy management company evaluated the program results. Honeywell Multisite had outperformed the other two participants substantially, delivering savings 74% higher than Competitor A and 47% higher than Competitor B. Although the competitors’ rates appeared to be slightly lower upfront, they proved much more costly to the client in the long run.

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