30+ years of Solutions for Multi-site customers

If you are wondering ‘Who is Novar?’ or ‘What is a Novar?’ here is your answer. Just over 25 years ago Novar invented a building automation and energy management system (EMS) optimized for multiple, distributed sites that were centrally managed.

This system was a perfect fit for saving energy in retail chain stores that were sprouting up across the country. The Novar system allowed corporate management to monitor and control the temperature, lighting and refrigeration in all the stores across the country without any on-site intervention.

Over the years, Novar evolved the technology to address new challenges in the retail environment. As retail chains grew, Novar perfected the installation and commissioning process ensuring the same building system environment across the enterprise of stores. When energy strategies became more complex or customers needed more resources, Novar made experts available to help implement strategic energy programs that kept customers’ energy budgets under control. Today, Novar continues to invest in improving Building Automation and Energy Management, with new BAS products and enterprise software tools to automate the analysis of store portfolios – so energy and facility managers can spend time on taking action on the facilities that provide the greatest return. Progressive businesses use Novar to make energy a strategic advantage.