National Niche Market Retailer uses Smart Energy Management with Honeywell Multisite to Save $2.8M.

Smart Energy Management Yields $2.8 Million in Annualized Savings

When a retail chain calls upon Honeywell Multisite to help with its troubled energy management efforts,the results exceed all expectations.

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• Significant savings through vaccine product loss prevention
• Nearly $900,000 in supply side savings (826%ROI)
• Bottom line impact of savings: +.05 EPS


This leading niche market retailer supplies a variety of products to farmers and ranchers through more than 800 stores in rural communities across 40 states. On average, the stores measure 18,000 sq ft and include refrigeration cases that must be controlled and monitored to prevent animal vaccine spoilage.


Equipped with an energy management system (EMS) in 691 of the 800+ stores, this growing chain sought an energy partner to help develop and implement a strategic energy management program with the objectives of conserving energy and driving additional savings by minimizing product loss. The customer’s relationship with the existing EMS vendor had turned negative as stores experienced a high rate of part failures, unresponsive monitoring and software limitations.


The retailer called on Honeywell Multisite. Charged with maximizing the performance of the chain’s existing EMS, Honeywell Multisite faced the significant challenge of working within the limitations of the vendor’s closed, proprietary platform. The Multisite team pooled their knowledge and expertise to develop strategies to help the customer exceed every goal.

With overall annualized savings of $2.8 million, the company achieved its goals for energy management excellence … and then some.


Honeywell Multisite took a holistic approach to the customer’s energy management efforts, beginning by analyzing and understanding current consumption patterns. Armed with this information, Honeywell Multisite was able to develop a strategy that would optimize energy consumption and operations in the areas of HVAC, refrigeration, exterior lighting and signage.

Efforts included the following:

Managing energy procurement Honeywell Multisite helped the customer on the supply side by securing the best energy rates and most favorable contracts with its energy suppliers.

Proactively monitoring energy usage by administering store setpoints and schedules, Honeywell Multisite was able to implement energy conservation measures and monitor usage ups and downs. 

Remotely diagnosing issues Honeywell Multisite reduced service calls by 19%, significantly lowering repair costs, by diagnosing issues remotely to determine whether a service call was warranted.


Responding to and resolving alarms Honeywell Multisite’s capabilities include 24/7/365 alarm response, which includes not only identifying issues but also resolving them. Prompt, effective alarm response offered outstanding cost savings by protecting the valuable vaccine supply.

Ensuring data accuracy and relevance Honeywell Multisite’s Enterprise Software Suite tackled the challenges associated with the customer’s third party platform, enabling the Multisite team to extract and analyze data from the existing EMS. Honeywell Multisite aggregated energy and operational data, performed weather normalization and analyzed the collective data to deliver meaningful reports to the customer and identify additional opportunities for savings.

In total, Honeywell Multisite’s solution prevented significant product loss and offered supply side savings of nearly $900,000 (826% ROI). It helped the customer reduce electrical consumption by 14,654 MWh and decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 13,705 tons. With overall annualized savings of $2.8 million, the company achieved its goals for energy management excellence.

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