It's widely known that the nation's top retailers are Novar clients, but did you know that Novar is also the preferred energy solutions provider to the major movie theater chains in the United States?

We've been supporting advanced applications in the entertainment business for almost as long as we've been in retail, and our entertainment expertise has enabled us to develop customized applications that meet the needs of theaters, fitness centers, bowling alleys, and other venues. For example, our leading energy management system for theaters has been integrated with ticketing systems, point-of-sale applications and advanced lighting schemes.

Why Choose Novar?

  • Exclusive focus on the multi-site market - While other building control and services companies use a "one size fits all" approach to buildings, Novar technology, installation and integration, and services are designed from the ground up to solve problems for the operators who manage 100s or 1000s of stores.
  • Part of Honeywell International Inc - Novar is Honeywell's multi-site energy management and building automation business. Many of our competitors actually acquire their technology from Honeywell.
  • As much or as little as you need - Novar can provide anywhere from one element of a solution, to a complete turnkey project.
Application Diagram

OpusBAS gives you site-level visibility from your Enterprise. Download the application diagram to see some of the standard points for Central Control and Monitoring.

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