Energy Management for Retailers

How Multi-Site Operations are Unique

“Consumers have pulled back on their spending which drives about 70% of the economic activity”. This kind of news from NPR is bad news for multi-site retailers that are trying to meet their same-store sales expectations each quarter. In the current economic climate, cost control is critical.

When your multi-site retail business is looking for ways to cut costs without compromising customer experience, you need to consider energy efficiency. Energy is the second highest cost in retail operations just behind employees!

Implementing an Energy Management Strategy is a key way to take control of energy costs. Successful energy strategies that run as on-going programs can reduce retail energy costs by 30% or more. The savings you realize from energy efficiency go straight to your bottom line, improving profitability and pleasing your business stakeholders and stockholders.

Committing to this strategy can be a bit overwhelming at first. So, we want to make this transition as easy as possible for you. Inside the white paper, 7 Key Energy Management Strategies for Retailers, you will find key tips on how to start the process as well as things to consider throughout its longevity. Become an operational guru for your company and start saving now.