Consider Using Less Energy to Improve Retail Operations

I recently read an article from the NRF Smartbrief called 25 Ideas for Improving Retail Operations which was originally posted on the Home Accents Today Web site. They had some creative ideas for retailers to improve business in this tough economy. “Use less energy” was conspicuously missing from the list.

So, I would like to nominate it as the 26th idea for improving retail operations. Any size retail setting can benefit financially by being mindful of energy without negatively impacting your store environment. So how is it done?

To find out more about creating a sound energy strategy, download {arisexylightbox activeType="rcontent" width="730" height="710" url="/7-key-energy-strategies-for-multi-site-retailers" title="Download 7 Key Energy Management Strategies for Retailers White Paper"}7 Key Energy Management Strategies for Retailers{/arisexylightbox} today. You might find that “using less energy” ranks much higher than 26th on the list.

If you have just one site, it’s pretty easy. Use a simple building automation system to control temperature and lights so you are only using energy during hours when customers are in the store. Install more efficient lighting. When upgrading powered equipment it’s a good idea to watch for ENERGY STAR information.

In a portfolio of many stores using a centralized approach typically derives the best value. In order to efficiently centralize your energy and operational management, you may require a more sophisticated solution. This may range from sub metering, to a more fully-featured BAS, to integrated enterprise software and analytics. Like anything, you get what you pay for. By that I mean you need to make an investment in the tools that will enable maximum results, are simple to use, and couple them with a clearly defined energy strategy.

Along with some of Home Accent’s creative merchandising ideas, a good energy strategy might be just what the accountant ordered to give your retail business the boost it needs to grow through these economic times.