About Novar

Novar, a Honeywell company, is the global leader in multi-site energy management. More than 30 years ago, Novar invented the technology to control and manage HVAC and lighting systems for businesses with multiple locations, and has been the innovation leader ever since.

Today, Novar uniquely provides the industry's most comprehensive offering of products and services to multi-site operators responsible for 100s or 1000s of buildings. We focus on providing you as little, or as much support as your enterprise requires - from helping you develop your energy management and sustainability strategy, to executing on your behalf by providing a complete national or international turn-key program of equipment, installation / project management, and ongoing operation services.

Our track record as a long term, trusted partner in our customers' success speaks for itself. Novar's technology, processes, expertise and commitment to our customers has resulted in the deployment of our technology in more than 45,000 sites worldwide, with our team actively managing more than 10,000 sites on behalf of our customers. Our product and service offerings deliver quick ROI, lowest lifecycle costs, and have literally saved billions of dollars for our customers. That's why so many of the top retailers have chosen Novar to help them with Energy Management, Operational Efficiency and Business Improvement.