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Refrigeration Case Controller (rcc.521)

  • Novar - Opus - Referigeration Case/Circuit ControllerProduct Description

    The Refrigeration Case/Circuit Controller (rcc) is a component of Novar’s Open Architecture, OpusTM Refrigeration Control System.  It consists of a control module with five inputs, two outputs, and one valve support, a remote display module and a selection of compatible refrigeration temperature and pressure sensors.
  • Application

    The rcc.521 is designed to be mounted in an un-refrigerated, non-condensing, location inside a refrigerated display case, inside a compressor rack house electrical panel or an electrical panel controlling a walk in freezer/cold room. The rcc.521 is a multi-function controller capable of executing several refrigeration control strategies.
    1. DX System Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) Control
    2. DX System Electronic Evaporator Pressure Regulator Valve (EEPR) Circuit Control
    3. Secondary Loop Case Control (Glycol or CO2)
    4. Secondary Loop Circuit Control (Glycol or CO2)

  • Analog Inputs Specifications Use
    Temperature 1 2K Ohm NTC +/- 2 Deg F Suction Temperature
    Temperature 2 2K Ohm NTC +/- 2 Deg F Discharge Air Temperature
    Temperature 3 2K Ohm NTC +/- 2 Deg F Defrost Termination Temperature
    Pressure 1 3-wire 5V ratio metric Suction Pressure
    Digital 1 +5VDC dry contact Refrigerant Leak Detection or Dual Temperature Case Switch2
    Digital Outputs Specifications Use
    Relay 1 100-240VAC, 3A Max Direct Line Voltage control of Evaporator Fans
    Digital 1 22-28Vdc, 250mA Max Used to energize Electric Defrost Relay (if used) or Solenoid Valves3
    Valve Drivers Specifications Use
    Stepper Valve 1 12Vdc, Bi-Polar or Uni-polar Valves Interface to Stepper EEV or EEPR Valves4
    Digital 13 22-28Vdc, 250mA Max Interface to 24Vdc Liquid Line Solenoid Valve
    Remote Display Port Specifications Use
    RCC-RDM Interface 12Vdc, Simple Serial Protocol, RJ45 cable, 10 Meters Max Connect an optional Remote Display Module
    Network Comm Port Specifications Use
    BACnet MS/TPRS-485, 1/8 unit load (4000ft max distance) 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 76.8K baud Remote device configuration, alarm collection management, defrost cycle coordination, circuit valve control

    2 Default use is Refrigerant Leak Detection input,
    3 The digital output may also be used to drive 24Vdc Valves,
    4 Compatible with Sporlan SER & SEH Electronic Expansion Valves, CDS EEPR Valves and SDR Hot Gas Bypass Valves as well as 12Vdc stepper valves from other manufactures

  • NameOrder Number
    Controller Module RCC-521
    Remote Display Module RCC-RDM
    Remote Display Cables RJ45 – 2.0m RCC-CBL-2
    Remote Display Cables RJ45 – 5.0m RCC-CBL-5
    Refrigeration Sensors - Pressure 150 psig w/2.0m Cable RCC-SP150-2
    Refrigeration Sensors - Pressure 150 psig w/5.0m Cable RCC-SP150-5
    Refrigeration Sensors - Pressure 300 psig w/2.0m Cable RCC-SP300-2
    Refrigeration Sensors - Pressure 300 psig w/5.0m Cable RCC-SP300-5
    Refrigeration Sensors - Temperature 2K NTC w/2.0m Cable RCC-ST2K-2
    Refrigeration Sensors - Temperature 2K NTC w/5.0m Cable RCC-ST2K-5
    Refrigeration Sensors - Temperature 2K NTC w/8.0m Cable RCC-ST2K-8