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RCC-RUI-HUB Refrigeration Case Controller Hub

  • rcc hubProduct Description

    The RCC-RUI-HUB is an electronic module that allows the connection of up to five RCC-RUI Remote Displays to a single RCC-1081 Case Controller and up to three RCC-RUIs to a single RCC-1044 Multi-Channel Valve Controller.

  • Application

    Available as option when using any of the Novar RCC Refrigeration Controllers, the RCC-RUI-HUB economically provides additional power and display network connectivity for installations desiring individual RCC-RUI Remote Displays mounted within individual refrigerated display cases using RCC-1081 curcuit line up control or for providing individual evaporator status in display cases containing multiple evaporators using RCC-1044s and Electronic Expansion Valves.

  • RCC-RUI-HUB Refrigeration Case Controller Display Wiring Hub
    RCC-1081 Refrigeration Case Controller
    RCC-1044-EEPR Multi-Channel EEPR Valve Controller
    RCC-1044-EEV Multi-Channel EEV Valve Controller
    RCC-RUI RCC-1081 Remote User Interface
    RCC-CBL-2 Remote Display Cable, RJ45, 2.0M
    RCC-CBL-5 Remote Display Cable, RJ45, 5.0M
    730090000 24-VAC Transformer (40 VA)