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KE2 EVAP Evaporator Efficiency Controller

  • k2ev2Product Description

    The KE2 EVAP (pronounced KEY-2-EVAP) Evaporator Efficiency Controller is an electronically operated refrigeration controller designed to reduce or eliminate icing problems in walk-in freezers and cold rooms while also saving energy through optimized control of evaporator superheat, fan cycling and defrost cycles.

    acrobatjpgKE2 EVAP Sell Sheet 
    Input Voltage: 120V to 240V
    Ambient Temp: -40º to 140ºF
    Operating Temp: -40º to 140ºF
    Display: 4 digit alphanumeric LED
    IP Rating: IP65
    Inputs: 4 temperature sensors
    1 pressure transducer
    Valve Types: unipolar and bipolar stepper motors
    Relays: 2-20A resistive, 10A inductive
    2-3A inductive
    Digital Inputs: door switch (dry contact)
    dual temp setting (dry contact)
    Outputs: 0-10V DC
    Communication: Standard TCP/IP
    Pressure Transducer
    Pressure Range: 0 to 150 psia
    Proof Pressure: 450psi
    Burst Pressure: 1500 psi
    Operating Temp: -40º to 225ºF
    Temperature Sensor
    Sensor Specs: -60 to 150F moisture resistant package
  • KE2-EVAP-KIT-1
    RCC-SP150-5 Pressure 150 psig w/5.0m Cable
    RCC-SP300-5 Pressure 300 psig w/5.0m Cable
    RCC-ST2K-8 Temperature 2K w/8.0m Cable
    RCC-ST2K-8-TJ Temperature 2K w/8.0m & replaceable tip