Opus Building Automation System

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    Integrate easily using BACnet, MODBUS, or LONWorks

    Leverage equipment you already have

    Easily access YOUR data, after all it is YOUR data

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    Tailored to your needs at a site level

    Easily repeatable across your enterprise

    Info where you need it with available local + mobile access

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    Easily Scales to 3x the Normal Niagara AX Capability


Novar's Opus Building Automation System(BAS) offers multi-site operations comprehensive, seamless heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) control. When used as part of the Opus BAS, our control modules deliver better reliability, greater versatility and more standard features than any other building control system on the market. You'll save energy, effort, time, money and you are protected by the industry's best product life cycle support program!




The nation's top retailers use Novar control systems in more than 40,000 sites. Multi-site operators have confidence in the strength and efficiency of our energy-efficient lighting solutions, and no wonder: The Opus BAS offers outstanding flexibility (use Novar lighting controls exclusively or integrate them with lighting panels from other suppliers), seamless integration and multi-site connectivity that helps you achieve your highest performance goals and energy cost-savings targets.




With more than 10,000 refrigeration racks installed at more than 4,000 locations around the world, Novar provides refrigeration controllers that have been reducing energy costs and protecting food quality for some of the world's largest supermarkets since 1991.

From traditional DX systems to secondary loop Glycol and CO2 systems, Novar's next-generation Opus Refrigeration System now delivers the world's only true best-of-breed integrated refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and metering solution for grocery retail chains.

See below for Opus BAS Product Line

Software (4)

Enterprise, Analytics, Mobile, Drivers

Executives (4)

xcm.10S, xcm.20, xcm.20R

Controllers (10)

UBM, tcu.Z, UCM, ETM-3051T

VFD (2)


Input/Output Modules (5)

MinIO, Simple I/O

Integration (3)

LSE, Lennox, Carrier, etc...

Meters (2)

Sensors (7)

Humidity, Temperature, Display

Accessories (9)

Wire, Current Sensors, Relays, RJ45 cables, etc...

HVAC (19)

Lighting (10)

Novar ES1 Edge Server

Novar ES1 Edge Server

  • Flexible
    Hi Capacity
    Hi Speed

Opus® Custom Loads

Opus® Custom Loads

  • Opus Custom Loads is a new addition to Novar’s applications template. It is used for complex applications that involve interdependent operation of many loads.

Opus® Data Manager

Opus® Data Manager

  • Enterprise application suite

Opus® Downloader Tool

Opus® Downloader Tool

  • Opus Downloader Tool is a free software application that eliminates the need for Opus Supervisor software to commission and download an XCM.