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Load Response Program Participation with Opus

Beyond Automated Demand Response, find out how to cash in on all types of available Smart Grid incentive programs. 

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7 Key Energy Management Strategies for Retailers

In this white paper Novar experts put together 7 key strategies multi-site retailers need to use to take thier first steps toward being energy efficient in a consistant repeatable way across a portfolio of sites. It is a must-read for Facility Managers in the multi-site retail space. 

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A Retailer's Guide to Achieving Smart Grid Benefits Today

For so many of us the Smart Grid is far from reality, but multi-site retailers can get benefits today from participating in programs available today. This white paper is a guide to get started.

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Straight Talk on Smart Grid Financial Incentives

Multi-site retailers have incredible opportunities to implement and upgrade energy management systems that prepare them for the benefits of the smart grid. 

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Automated Demand Response

This article describes Automated Demand Response and what businesses like yours need to do to prepare for participation. 

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You CAN Control the Cost of Grocery Refrigeration

When food freshness is on the line you cannot be too careful, but there are ways to control costs while keeping your refrigerated products just right for customers. 

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Refrigeration Control System Migration

This paper analyzes the requirements for a low risk and manageable refrigeration control system migration, providing guidance for users who recognize the need to upgrade to the latest EMCS technology while making the most of their existing assets and intellectual property.

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